Romania 100 - Meet the Team

Membrii Ro100

Who we are?
We are just like you.

The Romania 100 platform is open to all those who wish to contribute to a change based on integrity and competence. Romanian citizens over the age of 16, regardless of profession, gender, ethnicity or religion, who comply with the RO100 Ethical Code, can become members of the local communities Romania. Members of local communities are or can apply to become associate members of the RO100 Platform.

Associate members of the RO100 Platform are part of the General Assembly of the organization, with the right to vote on the election of the Board of Directors and the development strategy. They are ambassadors of RO100 values, therefore they must be integral, competent people, dedicated to the public interest and prepared to defend and promote their rights and those of others.

They are:

  • Active and honest citizens who want and can dedicate some of their time to make Romania a better country for all its inhabitants;
  • Visionary people, with clever ideas, ready to implement them;
  • People who want to give a helping hand, advice or financial support, even if they cannot invest much time in the activities of the Platform.

Kind of people who cannot be members of the Platform:

  • People with law problems or lack of integrity;
  • People looking for a problem-solving space, without contributing to solutions;
  • People who see in Romania Platform 100 a good place to get personal benefits.

The Board of Managers of RO100 directs and coordinates the activity of the organization, ensures the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly of RO100 and carries out the specific attributions of the Statute.

The RO100 executive team is made up of people who are willing to provide support and inspiration, answer any questions, listen actively and propose solutions, but especially to carry in the RO100 each local community the genuine desire for change and involvement.

The involvement, dedication and enthusiasm of the volunteers from the RO100 local communities motivate us and compel us to continue the work started within the Romania 100 Platform. We will continue to support the development of the civic movement at the local level, in order for the RO100 Platform to become a strong network of local communities, respected and recognized in the country and in the world.

Membrii Ro100