Meet the team

Who are we? We are just like you.

Like you, we minded our own business at our jobs, thinking that if everyone does that, it's enough for Romania to get better. We paid our taxes, we waited for cleaner hospitals, for a better education system, an administration that cares for every Romanian. We said sometimes that only one honest person can not clean up a corrupt system. We said that an administration can not be changed with a clear mind. That one vote does not bring better choices. We have waited and let go of many opportunities to change something in this country.

We chose to engage in November 2015 in the Cioloș Government team. Together, we are determined to continue to get involved in the transformation of Romania through a project to change Romanian politics from inside and not from outside.

The Romania 100 platform is built around this team together with you.

There are people around us who can and want to engage in this project. People who did something in their professional lives without using politics as a way of personal promotion. Some of them proved their abilities in the former government team, others in business, others are professionals in their field. Or, they are simply people who believe in the same ideals as we do.

You can find here the short story of each member. We hope you will join this team with your own stories.