The Romania 100 Manifesto

#1 We support a Romania without corruption

No political force in Romania should generate obstacles in the fight against corruption, or weaken the judiciary system and rule of law. Corruption generates poverty and condemns us to underdevelopment. For this, the fight against corruption should be assumed by each of us, at individual level, knowing that when one of us gives or receives bribes he/she becomes part of the system that corrupts and kills Romania. When will celebrate its centenary, in 2018, Romania needs a strong and independent judiciary system.

#2 We support a Romania with a responsible political elite

100 years after unification, Romania deserves an honest political class, not one that spreads populism and demagogy. Romania deserves a new Parliament that respects the judiciary, puts the interests of the people in the centre of its actions and works for the benefit of the whole country not the benefit of private groups. The country needs a political class that produces true visionary statesmen who work for the citizens.

#3 We support a Romania governed with common sense

The short term of the Cioloș government has proven the limited changes that can be performed when central administration is blindfolded, unreformed and strongly politicised. We've chosen to be the allies of the citizens in order to simplify their interactions with state's institutions. 100 years after Unification, Romanians deserve a strong and reformed state with a competitive, professional and open administration for the people. An in-depth reform of the public administration is needed to make space for a new, competent and upright administrative body. Respect for the citizens has to be the DNA and only in this manner central administration will inspire trust and respect.

#4 We support a Romania where everybody works and receives an honest remuneration

A sustainable economic growth coupled with a raise in the living standard can be maintained only by creating more jobs. Increases of salaries and pensions are possible only if there are enough working people that create added value in the economy. Creation of new jobs has to be the main objective for the new government, and the key focus of the political decision makers. For new jobs we need new investments from both local and foreign capital. Citizens have to be in the situation to find jobs not only in Bucharest, Cluj or Timis, but also in Botosani, Vaslui or Dolj.

#5 We support a Romania without poverty

Almost half of the country's population lives in poverty. One in three children quit schooling. We have of the least efficient social benefits system in Europe. Instead of truly receiving support, the poorest are actually used for electoral manoeuvres. Romania needs a new social inclusion model, needs to promote integrated support packages for the poorest and their families, with the outcome to become truly socially integrated: jobs, healthcare, school for all.

#6 We support a Romania that has a competitive economy

Almost 100 years after Unification, Romania doesn't have a highway through the mountains. Although we have an exceptional natural capital and cultural values ​​that can be extraordinary resources for true sustainable development, we remain the poverty pole of Europe, while having major wealth distribution differences in-between historical regions. These are the result of inconsistency, inability to see projects till end, arbitrary budget allocations according to electoral benefits. At 100 years from Unification, Romania needs a vision for multi-annual development that is built on responsible use of our unique resources, that makes full use of both national and European funds, a vision that stimulates private investment and ensures efficiency of public investment. Cutting of red tape needs to continue in the benefit of citizens, businesses and within public institutions. Public spending has to be better managed, more efficient, more transparent so that we see maximum return on investments made from country's budget.

#7 We support a truly educated Romania

Today's Romania is wasting the future of our children. We have an inequitable educational system, in which politics has shifted the emphasis from skills training to obtaining diplomas. A system in which technical and agro training has been neglected, and a lot of universities became ‘factories of diplomas'. Year by year, political interests and non-values discredited the idea of school. In today's Romania we find an underfinanced educational system, in which teachers are suffocated by a web of interests. Romania needs to look to the future. Every single child deserves the chance of a relevant, qualitative education, one that truly helps us meet the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. We must work on a system that is attractive to good teachers, and to eradicate political influences out from the educational system, because school is about competences, values and principles. We must develop technical, agro and dual education, as school needs to connect with the labour market and economic reality and collaborate more with companies. We need to continue the improvements already started, make a strong infusion of ethics in our universities and in research field.

#8 We support a healthy Romania

Too many physicians leave the country. Romania has not built new hospitals, nor had any expansion and development plans for the healthcare infrastructure in the last 26 years. Together with a sufficient budget allocation, there is also the need for a profound reform of the system to eliminate corruption, political influence and conflicting interests within hospital management. Better working conditions and professional development facilitation will keep doctors in the national system. A nation-wide healthcare human resources program is required for up-to-date professionals and enhanced management skills within the medical system in Romania. Transparency, meritocracy, ethics are attributes of a medical system that puts the patient in the centre. A higher medical service quality is highly needed in rural Romania, small and medium towns. After 100 years, the country should benefit from new hospitals and better medical performance, irrespective of the type (R&D or ordinary hospitals).

#9 We support a Romania that counts in European Union and NATO

Ahead we see tough times for Europe. The European Union is in a crisis. Romania has to decide if it wants to be part of the problem or of the solution. We have to decide if we prefer a Europe filled with populism, with ethnocentrism and demagogy or a Europe of democracy, of tolerance and of prosperity. In 2019, centenary Romania will take-over the rotating presidency of the Council of European Union. We have the strength and opportunity to showcase Romania as a strong reliable member and to build the European Union alongside core countries that wish to hold Europe united. Also, we have the strength to become the anchor of Europe in its Eastern region. For United States of America, we can remain their most trusted partner in Eastern Europe. To Republic of Moldova we have the historic and moral duty to accompany them, to stay together on a European path, to prepare the ground for any option future generations on both sides of Prut will wish to find each other.

#10 We support Romania of all Romanians

Most of country men and women that emigrated to work are doing it because they lost faith that at home life can be good or better than when they left. We have to respect their decision, to protect and support them where anywhere they are located, but we also have the obligation to not distance them even more and to encourage them to return home. Romania is everyone's, irrespective of the ethnic group a Romanian belongs to, of his/her beliefs, of the location we live or work. When we celebrate 100 years from Unification, Romania needs more than ever a strong nation of emotionally connected individuals, a solid social web based on values, on what defines and unites us. A strong and self-confident nation promotes its founding values.