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Romania's change can only come from an active and massive citizen involvement.

And the power of the example will always be the binder that unites people.

The Romania 100 Platform is an association of citizens organized in an open and active movement, connected to the society, with the purpose of

promoting participation in public life, through projects developed to promote and implement the 10 principles included in the Romania 100 Manifesto.

In two years of activity, Platform Romania 100 managed to mobilize an impressive number of volunteers, to get involved in civic projects on the grass. The formation of local communities RO100 was a phenomenon of impressive magnitude and intensity - friends, colleagues, neighbors or people who did not even know each other, decided to work together for the good of those around them, on a voluntary basis.

Anul 2018 pentru RO100


The year 2018 was an important moment in the history of our organization. We have consolidated at local level through the activity of the local communities RO100, we have crossed the country from one corner to another within the project "Ask Romania Together" and we have listened to the opinions of more than 25,000 citizens. Then we joined 30 other civic and political organizations in Romania and started a citizens' initiative to change the electoral laws. For the project "New people in politics" all the local communities RO100 were mobilized and they spent a lot of time talking with the people and collecting signatures. During this time, more than 2500 RO100 volunteers organized more than 230 civic actions, in the local communities RO100. It is impressive what a mobilizing force can have the simple desire to get involved in the life of the city. Without legal personality, without dedicated budgets and with minimal resources allocated from the Platform, the members of the local communities chose to be the change.


The year 2019 brought about the change of the governance structure of the Romania 100 Platform. In January, we started the process of extending the number of members of the organization from the 5 founding members, to 126 associate members - selected from the most active and involved members of the local communities and RO100 themed. In April we also organized the first General Meeting of the RO100 associate members and elected a new Board of Directors.
We still believe that we can make a change around us through civic involvement from the grass, by encouraging community activation and especially by promoting honest and authentic values. The experience of a year of community building helped us to understand better how valuable the power of the example is.

We, Romania 100, are facts!

Anul 2019 pentru RO100

RO100 Board of Directors

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