Why do we get involved?

We want a change of attitude at the level of political parties

The government led by Dacian Cioloş gave the parties a respite to meet the expectations of the Romanians to have an honest, open, society-oriented government. Moreover, in October 2016, we launched 10 principles for a new Romania and a plan of action. Our intent was to offer a binder to political forces prepared to support a process of modernization of Romanian society beyond the immediate interest of politicians or political parties. This transformation did not take place. A good part of the political class still lacks an elementary common sense which can dictate to someone that is a public official not to use this title to serve his/her own interests.

Romania needs a long-term development project. Romania needs a prepared political class, capable and willing to assume its implementation.

Romanians need a credible, functional project with a vision for the country's development. So far they only receive short-term solutions, many illusions and, especially, long-term payment notes. Throughout this time, development opportunities within the European Union are being reconfigured: the European project is redefined, new models of political-institutional governance appear, with a different allocation of resources. At the geostrategic and military level, NATO's coherence and consistency will be tested to the fullest.

As a nation, we can do more than we have shown so far.

Romania has the potential to meet these challenges, but this potential must be understood, modeled, promoted and, above all, valorized. This is the project where we believe we need to invest energy and resources alongside all the modernizing forces of this country, both political parties and civil society. We know more than we have said so far. Some of us went out in the street, others joined with the thought. But there are many who feel that we need to do something more, concretely, to make sure that our system of values ​​is not trampled by people in power through and for lie, theft and imposture. There is a lot of frustration and a lot of worry in the country. But there are even more ideas, plenty of of competence and a lot of courage. And, above all, there are Romanians who want to do more than just react to injustice and incompetence.

That is why we are building a platform to help make these positive energies worthwhile. We need a polical environment that wants the same things as us, who believes in the same values that shape the design and vision of the future of Romania. We need competent and responsible politicians. These are the real and concrete objectives of the country. These are the objectives of the Romania 100 Platform..

We invite you to join the Platform, join us but, more than that, we expect you to get involved with your expertise and ideas.



Team Ro100

Who are we? We are just like you.

Like you, we minded our own business at our jobs, thinking that if everyone does that, it's enough for Romania to get better. We paid our taxes, we waited for cleaner hospitals, for a better education system, an administration that cares for every Romanian. We said sometimes that one honest person can not clean up a corrupt system. We said that an administration can not be changed with a clear mind. That one vote does not bring better choices. We have waited and let go of many opportunities to change something in this country.

We chose to engage in November 2015, in and around the Cioloș Government team. Together, we are determined to continue to get involved in the transformation of Romania through a project to change Romanian politics from inside and not from outside.

The Romania 100 platform is built around this team together with you.

There are people around us who can and want to engage in this project. People who did something in their professional lives without using politics as a way of personal promotion. Some are tested in the former government team, others in business, others are professionals in their field. Or, they are simply people who believe in the same ideals as we do.

You can find here the short story of each member. We hope you will join this team with your own stories.

What Romania 100 will do

We are launching a movement that is connected to society

Romania 100 platform grows from the desire of each of us to assume a greater degree of civic consciousness and activation than ever before. We will make ideas and concrete projects of development of Romania to meet the people who are currently or in the days to come willing to assume this, people who are involved or will be involved in the future government of the country. And because 100 is an important symbol, of the centenary of modern Romania, we wish that 2018 will find us ready for this moment. 

We develop projects in key areas for Romania's growth
We prepare people for the country's political future
We fight for a transparent and honest political environment

What does it recommend us?


The Romania 100 team consists of experts who experienced the governance experience in 2016 and know in detail the institutional mechanisms and the administrative obstacles that stop Romania from modernizing.


The government formed at the end of 2015 managed to stop recurring political slippages in the electoral years, kept the economy at the agreed targets with the EU, managed spectacular economic growth, and provided a model of transparency and good governance that remained in public consciousness.


We want to see how many we are, those who want to be involved in changing the country. We are waiting for you to join the Romania 100 Platform but, more than that, we invite you to get involved with your experience and ideas.

We will propose mechanisms of communication and aggregation as soon as possible. We want to create virtual spaces of social and civic involvement in every region of the country, at the level of each community, free to express and coagulate itself.

We have already tested such methods while governing and functioned well. The GovITHub project has gathered hundreds of experts with minimal material and logistic investment, but with a major effect and impact. In a few days of volunteering guided by a shared vision of those involved, ideas and concrete projects were generated for the Romanian administration, which otherwise, using traditional methods, would cost millions of euros.