About Romania100 Local Communities

About Local Communities

On December 10, 2017 we launched a concept: the RO100 local community, an incubator of civic involvement at the local level, to change the Romanian society from the ground. The objective of local communities is to determine and maintain a broad citizen involvement, which will be able to decide what is really important at the local level. They provide models of attitudes and initiatives and become the seeds of social activation in inert areas. That is why RO100 aims to become a strong civic network, well represented in the country and in the world through its local communities.

What are RO100 local communities?

Local communities (CLs) are incubators of civic involvement at the local level. The objective of RO100 local communities is to determine and maintain a broad citizen involvement, which will decide what is important locally. The focus of the CL team's involvement must be the activity it carries out and the team's unity.

What kind of activity can CL organize to go beyond the temporary validation stage?

The types of activities carried out by CL are:

  • debates on topics of interest to the local community or based on national issues, analyzing the impact at local level;
  • educational / social / information and support activities for children in the community or other categories on vulnerable persons;
  • workshops to promote the local or regional specific (art, local entrepreneurship, natural, cultural or historical heritage);
  • greening / modernizing activities of a street, a neighborhood or the whole community;
  • public policy projects with local impact;
  • (any other civic activity).

For project ideas you can draw inspiration from fapte.ro100.ro

What types of projects can be carried out within the CL?

  • Autonomous projects are CL initiatives that aim to solve specific situations at local level.
  • Scalable Projects are the successful initiatives carried out by CL that can be implemented in other communities as a model of good practice. Finally, the results of these projects can be transformed into public policy proposals. Local communities can make scalable project proposals to the core team of Platform Romania 100.
  • Thematic Projects are initiatives from the Thematic Communities. The members of the Local Communities may also be involved in their implementation.
  • Projects - Ro100 lighthouse are initiatives undertaken at the level of the Romania 100 Platform and implemented transversally in all thematic communities and in all local communities.